Circuit Self-managed infrastructure, programmatic monitoring and orchestration

Example: Make a process

Here are a few examples. To run a new process on some chosen cluster machine, first see what machines are available:

	circuit ls /...

Run a new ls process:

	circuit mkproc /X88550014d4c82e4d/pippi << EOF
		"Path": "/bin/ls", 

Process elements execute OS processes on behalf of the user.

See what happened:

	circuit peek /X88550014d4c82e4d/pippi

Close the standard input to indicate no intention to write to it:

	cat /dev/null | circuit stdin /X88550014d4c82e4d/pippi

Read the output (note that the output won't show until you close the standard input first, as shown above):

	circuit stdout /X88550014d4c82e4d/pippi

Remove the process element from the anchor hierarchy

	circuit scrub /X88550014d4c82e4d/pippi