Circuit Self-managed infrastructure, programmatic monitoring and orchestration


In this tutorial we are going to build an example cloud-based key/value store, based MySQL and Node.js, using the circuit and Amazon EC2 as a host provider.

Bubbles represent processes. The MySQL daemon and the left circuit are running on Host 1, for instance. MySQL and Node.js communicate via a TCP link and so do the two circuit processes. The circuit application process can run anywhere: inside or outside of the cluster.

We are going to build and deploy the application step-by-step and from scratch. The high-level process is as follows:

Steps 1 and 2 constitute the startup procedure for your circuit cluster. Whereas steps 3 and 4 demonstrate the execution of a circuit application on the cluster. Once the cluster is running, it can be reused for multiple executions and terminations of circuit applications.

To follow through this tutorial, you will need an Amazon EC2 account to provision virtual host instances.